Note from Organizer


It was almost time for a challenge about Robots and stuff, wasn't it? Well, was honored to organize and host this amazing challenge and show the world how talented and passionate Persian digital artists are! Mission accomplished. You guys did a great job again and made us proud. Again, I would love to emphasize this point that it is not and has never been about a "challenge", it's always about a celebration of talent and passion. If you got inspired, learned something, and made any amount of progress, trust me, you're a winner.

I would like to take this moment to thank the great master Scott Robertson, who made us the most honored community and joined us in this journey to make something special, something that lasts. I hope this event and the effort of these passionate artists could be considered as a tribute to the great Scott Robertson who inspires us all, all the time.

Amirhossein Erfani
Founder |


Note from Judge


Hello All,

"This has been a special experience for me to be a part of your bio machines challenge and I just wanted to thank you for that and say how wonderfully diverse the work was and how much I enjoyed looking at it, thank you! There were a lot of nice designs, models and renderings and it was tough to try and judge them into a couple of groups, but after a few passes at it and several hours I think the group of entries I chose provides a glimpse into the range of exciting ideas and artistic skills your community is doing a great job to inspire. Keep up the great work and challenge yourself to never stop learning in pursuit of sharing your ideas with others."

All the best,

Scott Robertson
President of Design Studio Press

Winners and Honorable Mentions

  These five artworks are chosen as "Winners" of the challenge.


"The amount of hand weathering, craftsmanship and detail put into this illustration of a bio-machine set it apart as a one of the best. Nice job!"



"The polished modeling skills, professional quality of the renderings and attention to the small surfaces of the mech modeling helped move this one into the top group. Excellent."



"I loved this one because it's just so bizarre in all the right ways, it's posed with nice weight, balance and the design has enough areas of interest that make you want to look closer. The aesthetic of the overall design and the renderings are very cohesive. Great work!"



"This one has some very nice form development which runs throughout the entire design of the mech. Also the "bio" influence is conveyed well through the poses and it feels very alive. Well done!"



"This wheeled vehicle made it into the top five because the action rendering really helped to bring it to life and there was some nice effort put into trying to mimic the mechanical similarities of the locust. Fun design!"



  These five artworks are chosen as "Honorable Mentions" of the challenge.



"This one has a great gesture to the pose and it feels very dynamic for a machine. It's also nice to see a human figure included to not only provide scale reference but showing a figure engaging with the machine."



"A clean modeling effort, nice renderings and a strong presentation, nice work."



"This one deserved a mention for the strong illustration skills presented and for having some of the best surfacing, styling and communication of the forms of their bio machine. Nicely illustrated."



"I have no idea what this thing is but it's interesting enough to get an honorable mention for originality alone. Love the creativity and effort!"



"I wanted to give an honorable mention to this one because of its artistic illustrative style. This one, more than any other one, stood out as being different and I think this has a lot to do with the artistic style of using an interesting and sophisticated color palette. Nice painting."


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Just like the Dragon's Lair event, we planned 8 workshops for this event as well, discussing ideas, sharing knowledge and technique and getting together in a friendly place to help make progress. Special thanks goes to Saeed Ramezani, Mohammad Hossein Attaran, Inverse School and Game Development Institute. Here you can check a few pictures of these sessions.

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